Top Songs For This Months…

Top Songs For This Months…

This is my list for the top songs …

1.Lady Gaga-Just Dance

-Poker Face

Comment:Her songs is one of the top rated one.Its a very popular one on the radio station too!!


2. Miley Cyrus-The Climb

Comment:One of her best songs,a very peaceful one too.


3. Katy Pery-Thinking Of You

Comment:A very romantic song!!!And I LOVE it!!!


4.Beyonce-If I Were A Boy

Comment:Wow,seems like Beyonce would like to understand more about man


5.Flo-ri -da -Right Round

Comment:This song spins my head around.Its cool,grea ,amazing and will be one of my best songs.


This list will be continued the next following month!!!