I actually own one of this. 🙂

Can anyone give me this as a present on my birthday? The rings are all must haves for me!

Chain-Link Collar Necklace from Forever 21.It can practically paired with any outfits.

Flower Medallion Necklace.I love this because it’s so unique.

Ribbon is always my favourite design! I own a white one though but with diamonds on it… 🙂

I’ve always loved earrings with Eiffel Tower design.I have one my friend bought for my birthday last year but it’s different from this.

Stylish Vacation Style…

Stylish Vacation Style…

I’m sure everyone is already looking forward to vacations and holidays especially Christmas.Below will be my choice of an outfit for holidays….

Bright colour coordinated outfits will totally rock your holidays! And don’t forget to look out for desirable heels!

The lace top is feminine and the shorts is just plain cool.Not to add the unique necklace!

The perfect outfit for a beach vacation like Bali.

Hot RED jeans and sunglasses.Just the outfit to wear for Christmas!

Wanna be comfy? Wear a cardigan for travelling.

This perfect match is a definite YES when shopping around!