Summer Inspo Outfits

Summer Inspo Outfits

Summer is just around the corner and why waste time trying to figure out what to wear when you can be out having fun? Refresh your Summer wardrobe with some style inspo here 😉 :

  1. White on white (What can I say, this outfit is so trendy yet simple paired with a crop top and pants, this outfit literally screams summer! And don’t make me mention the bag, it’s so classy and it just catches my eyes within seconds)

2. Keep it simple with a minimalistic little black dress for when you wanna party all night!

3. White with polka dot

When it’s summer, you gotta show some skin with those cute tops and shorts.

Or if you are more comfortable with trousers, go for this look instead.

4. Head-to-Toe Neutral Tone (Flaunt your summer bod with this body-hugging dress here)

5. Bring Out Your Inner Señorita with this stunning red gown for a more formal occasion.

6. Achieve simple but chic style by layering with a denim/leather jacket when it’s chilly outside.

7. When in doubt, go for classic white.

What to wear on a date…

What to wear on a date…

Spring is a season of cliches with birds singing, flowers blooming and people falling in love. With all the wedding invitations, romantic picnics and hand-in-hand strolling, spring is really the unofficial season of love. This is why I’ve decided to create this post to share with everyone on my ideas and inspiration on what to wear in different date scenarios.

Theme park date / Road trips



Zoo / nature park



Picnic / Beach Sunset cruise



Historical & heritage tour



Food tours / Cafe hopping



Sports (Laser tag / Archery / Tennis / Rock Climbing)


Attending wedding



Style Inspiration on Road trips With College BFFs To Celebrate Graduation!

Style Inspiration on Road trips With College BFFs To Celebrate Graduation!

This outfit screams comfy and stylish with an edge. My absolute favourite would be the heels ❤


For those who prefer not-trying-too-hard look yet still manage to be on point. The best thing is that everyone will definitely own at least one denim jacket and a black dress so this could be easily paired with what you have in your wardrobe!


Another simple yet chic outfit