Summer Dresses Inspiration Outfit

Summer Dresses Inspiration Outfit

The thing I love most about Summer is all that cute summer dresses that I can wear without worrying on what to mix and match with other tops and bottoms. Especially on lazy mornings or when my brain is just too tired to think of what to wear, summer dresses is the best choice to look good and dress fast. So, here’s my top favourite ones below:

  1. Off shoulder little black dress (Did I mention black is my favourite colour?) Black is just so easy for everyone to look good in it and I don’t think I can ever go wrong with black too. The best part about this look is she matches the dress with the belt to make it more tight-fitting and I just love her style!


2. If I’m going to any fun summer occasion (wedding or party), this would be the best choice because it screams bright and bold with all the colours going on plus I do love a floral dress. Nothing screams summer more than a cute bright floral dress.

3. Summer dresses with vintage-like is so cute especially worn to a tea party. I don’t really like yellow but this style is just so worth a try!

4. For a saucier hue, skip the normal white lace and go for a red lace.

5.¬†Oversize florals are so much more refreshing from the millions of dresses I’ve own before! And such a calming blue and white combination which reminds me of sea and beach…Ahh missing the holidays already ‚̧